Extra/Remedial Classes

The school also conducts Remedial Classes for the benefit of those students who are not able to keep pace with the expected standard of the class. Subject Specialists conduct theses classes and every care is taken to ensure quality learning.


The school has a special music room which has provisions for teaching Karaoke, Casio, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Harmonium, Dholak and Banjo.
Professionally skilled Musicians teach the musical skills to the students. The preparation and practice of various Music based Programmes take place in the Music Room including the practice of Daily Morning Assembly.


The School Clinic is a well equipped, two bed facility headed by a qualified and experienced Nurse. Urgent medical treatment is administered efficiently by the Regular Visiting Doctor. The School conducts regular medical checkups of the students and also maintains the records. Furthermore, the students are also examined by reputed doctors. The emotional well-being of the student is also assessed and documented to ensure his / her all-round development.


I hear I don’t understand.I see I remember .
An audio visual room has been set up to make the class room teaching more effective and interesting, for visual has much more impact than listening. Students are taken to the Audio – Visual Room regularly so that learning could be made easier and more interesting. Healthy group discussions are held and the interaction between the students and the teachers leads to better learning.


Social Science is a society-oriented subject, which deals with our past, our surrounding and the art of administration. SMCS provides a very well equipped social science Lab consisting of numerous charts, still and working models. Students of different grades are taken to the lab regularly where slides are shown with the help of overhead projector and learning is made easier and more interesting. Social science quiz, exhibition and group discussions are held at regular intervals, which enable the students to learn while doing.


World would come to a standstill without the use of Math. It is an indispensible part of our lives.

In order to facilitate the children to comprehend certain abstract concepts and to transform the so called tricky, abstract and impractical subject into an interesting learning experience; it is desirable that it should be brought to concrete operational level where children can check and verify the validity of concept through activities and thus view math close to life. This is what we at St.Marks Sr. Secondary Public School do in the Math Lab.

The Lab is well equipped with basic models to verify various concepts and theorems in math. The children work in groups and are provided with small working units. They discover various concepts and facts by themselves thus giving them a feel of math. The creativity of the students is allowed free play. They are encouraged to find alternative solution and alternative methods. Teachers and students work as joint investigating teams. The lab is also equipped with computers to use technology for learning. Children see and prepare various power point presentations. They link math with other subjects thus developing interdisciplinary thinking.


Science is the study and knowledge of the world around us. This knowledge is gained by observation, experimentation and verification. Practical work is the most important factor in the study of science.

St.Marks Sr. Secondary Public School provides huge, separate and very well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These labs help to bring the subject alive, interesting and generate interest among the students. Experimentation in these labs is a regular feature of the school curriculum which enhances the understanding power of the students and makes the subject interesting for them. Experiments in all the three streams are conducted by the students under the guidance of the trained staff. Students are helped to explore the wonders of science. These labs have been a very important tool in making the subject the child’s favorite.

The laboratories of the school are designed to develop process skills. The primary aim of these laboratories is to co- relate theoretical knowledge with practical observations. The Labs provide hands on learning for highest form of understanding, helping students to remember the concepts better so that the students feel accomplishment when a task is completed which helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations. The laboratories boast of latest equipments and apparatus. Students are initiated into practical learning from Class V and there are separate laboratories for both junior classes and senior classes


The classrooms are spacious, well-designed, subject oriented with plenty of natural light and ventilation that can comfortably accommodate 40 students with ample working space.

The School has a smart board to enable teachers to hold interactive classes using audio visual techniques; making maximum possible use of the latest technologies of E- learning


St.Marks Sr. Secondary Public School has two Computer Labs for providing Students with the theoretical Knowledge and practical operation of the Computer System with a total of over Seventy computers.

The computers in the CBSE lab are loaded with software and Broadband Internet Connection to enable students of classes XI & XII to make and run programs as per the IP and C++Python syllabus. The Senior and Junior Labs enable students to learn Logo, Paintbrush, MS-Word, PowerPoint, etc. The Kids Zone Lab facilitates the teachers and the students with various Concept-Learning Topics, Rhymes, Action Songs, Games, Interactive Exercises and much more to make optimum growth and learning @ KIDS ZONE.

All computers in the School are connected via Intranet & have Internet access which allows the students as well as faculty to research extensively by accessing the information on the global network during and after the school hours


The school has a full fledged library which caters to the needs of students from Class I to Class XII. The library is aimed at building a quiet and tranquil place where children come to satiate their quest for knowledge. It is a store house of Encyclopedias, Illustrated dictionaries, Popular Science and Tell Me Why Series and Book of Knowledge series and many more.

The library is well stocked with classic, modern and contemporary work of literature in both Hindi and English. There is a collection of up-to-date books in Career Counselling, Personality Development, etc. The library also has a collection of CDs of Encyclopedias, Environment Awareness Topics, Stories and Inventions and Discoveries. Journals and Magazines are also subscribed in large numbers to help the students update their awareness regarding happenings around the World and in the world of Science, Sports, Environment and new avenues and openings in different careers.

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